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ACSM was founded in 1954 by a small group of physical educators and physicians who recognized that health problems were associated with certain lifestyle choices, especially smoking and lack of exercise. Since then, ACSM members from all professional backgrounds have applied their knowledge, training and dedication in sports medicine and exercise science to promote healthier lifestyles for people around the globe.

In 1984, the ACSM National Center relocated to Indianapolis, IN, and our strong heritage, combined with our visionary approach to the future, means ACSM continues to grow and prosper as the world's premier sports medicine organization.

For more detail about ACSM history, view our interactive timeline or read Out of Many, One: A History of the American College of Sports Medicine by Jack W. Berryman, Ph.D., FACSM. Click here for more information about the book.

ACSM Founders

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ACSM Distinguished Leader Series

The Distinguished Leaders in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science is a historical project capturing interviews with ACSM Past Presidents and other leaders of the College. ACSM is most fortunate to have been able to capture reflections on the College and the fields of sports medicine and exercise science as part of this program.

You can view the interviews on ACSM's YouTube channel.

1960s & 1970s