Annual Report 2024

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Our Vision

Extend and enrich lives through the power of movement.

Our Mission

To educate and empower professionals to advance the science and practice of health and human performance.

Meet Our Leadership

ACSM Board of Trustees

ACSM Staff

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ACSM Unveils Comprehensive New Brand Strategy 

After three years of research, development and approval by the Board of Trustees, ACSM introduced a new brand in May 2024. The strategy and brand elements reflect input from more than 300 ACSM members, certified professionals and volunteer leaders representing all segments of the organization. Developed jointly with the 2024-27 strategic plan, the new brand ensures alignment and support of the organization’s vision, mission and long-term direction. 

Yes, our new brand is visually vibrant and exciting. It also tells a story that is substantive, compelling and faithful to our foundational pillars of science, medicine, and health and fitness. And the end of the story is a powerful one: we aim to extend and enrich lives through the power of movement, and by educating and empowering professionals to advance the science and practice of health and human performance.  

New 2024-27 ACSM Strategic Plan 

ACSM launched a new three-year strategic plan in January 2024 that is built to address a rapidly changing profession and the evolving needs of our stakeholders. The plan sets a bold course for enhancing member and certified professional value through the promotion of science, fiscal stewardship, a strong technology infrastructure and effective governance.  

More than 3,000 stakeholders provided input during the research and development phases. The resulting comprehensive framework includes a new vision statement, new values and bold goals, and an updated mission statement. Together, these strategic elements form the solid foundation our vision requires and the guidance to meet the needs of all stakeholders, most importantly our members and certified professionals. 


2024 Annual Meeting Town Hall Recording


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Roberts Message 2024 annual report

  • A Message from Dr. Roberts




Regional Chapter Members

60 Committees

Filled by 880 Volunteers

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11 Regional Chapters


Certified Professionals


Exams Administered in 2023


Professionals Recertified in 2023

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  • Continuing Professional Education: CPE developed (1) a review policy for acceptable versus non-acceptable continuing education; (2) award CECs for those certified professionals who serve on ACSM committees; (3) development of an approval process for instructional design proposals that ACSM staff and its consultants will use to meet the needs of certified professionals and bolster educational offerings.
  • Requirements change: first aid certification to become a requirement for ACSM certification and recertification starting in 2027.
  • International growth: ACSM/CCRB expanded its global footprint with new agreements with Beijing Institute of Sports Medicine (China), Wellness Academy (Korea), and Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) 
  • 2024 Certified Professional of the Year: Brian Cleven, M.S., ACSM-CEP


Given by the ACSM Foundation through 13 research and program grants, and travel and research awards  


Given in Awards, Grants and Scholarships by Regional Chapters

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Mentorship Programs

10 new & 10 returning protégés comprised the 2023-2024 ACSM Leadership & Diversity Training Program class, joining 160+ participants to date.


Participants (to date) in Mentoring Women to Fellowship program

ACSM Emerging Physician Leaders Program

Focusing on physician residents and fellows, ACSM introduced the Emerging Physician Leaders Program to promote early, meaningful association with the college and a clear path toward ACSM fellowship through mentorship. Twenty-seven mentors and mentees are participating in the three-year pilot program.

ACSM Journals Updates

In 2022/2023, all of ACSM's journals' covers were redesigned through collaboration between ACSM's marketing & design team, the ACSM Editorial Services Office and the journals' editors-in-chief. See the new covers below!

Click on the cover to learn more.

Current Sports Medicine Reports, CSMR journal cover

1.8 Impact Factor

Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews, ESSR, journal cover

5.7 Impact Factor

exercise, sport, and movement journal

Launched in May 2022

ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal January February 2023

1.5 Impact Factor

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise - MSSE

4.1 Impact Factor


.9 Impact Factor
(First time receiving)

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ACSM Titles Updated/Published Spring 2023 - Spring 2024

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ACSM's Clinical exercise physiology second edition book cover

ACSM's Exercise Testing and Prescription

intro to exercise science 4th ed

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New Scientific Pronouncements Published

  • The Biological Basis of Sex Differences in Athletic Performance | Expert Consensus Statement
  • Exercise as Medicine for People with a Substance Use Disorder | Call to Action Statement
  • Physical Activity and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease | Roundtable

  • Return-to-Sport/Return-to-Play and the Team Physician | Team Physician Consensus Statement, 2023 Update
  • Initial Assessment and Management of Select Musculoskeletal Injuries |Team Physician Consensus Statement 
Learn About ACSM's Pronouncements

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94,097 Email Newsletter Subscribers 

Across six newsletters.

Two new newsletters added: Clinician (quarterly) and Advocacy (monthly)

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5,539,955 Page Views
1,994,196 Visitors

538,739 Page Views
129,638 Visitors

120,198 Page Views
35,164 Visitors

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News Media Stories Mentioning ACSM, Members, Programs and Journals

74 Billion

Potential Reach of Stories


Print and Broadcast Stories Dedicated to ACSM's American Fitness Index


Participants at ACSM-Hosted Conferences


Regional Chapter Meeting Attendees

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ACSM Online Education Customers


Online Education Courses Available

Key Accomplishments

In collaboration with the Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals (CREP) and Physical Activity Alliance (PAA), the US Registry of Exercise Professionals (USREPS) was adopted as the clear clearinghouse for qualified practitioners for the National Healthcare Directory Exchange, marking a significant milestone toward exercise/physical activity reimbursement efforts; USREPS was included withing the new military sector of the National Physical Activity Plan.

In December 2023 ACSM launched a new monthly advocacy newsletter that is sent to all ASCM members, certified professionals and those who opt-in to receive communications from ACSM.


American Fitness Index Logo 2024

  • $100,000 grant secured from funding partner, Elevance Health Foundation
  • Rankings report delivered to 54,827 email and newsletter recipients
  • Achieved a potential reach of 1.06 billion through traditional media stories  
  • 50 million potential impressions across social media platforms 
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Exercise is Medicine Logo

  • 35 countries with EIM national centers
  • 195 registered EIM-On Campus schools
  • 1,735 programs registered on the Moving through Cancer directory
  • Added one new EIM Health System & Fitness Partner MOU
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  • Launched ACSM/NYSHSI Youth Fitness Specialist Certificate
  • Launched the Healthy Youth Sports Podcast presented by NYSHSI, part of the ACSM Podcast Network.
  • Developed five new educational documents
  • State-by-state research project completed for the NYSHSI Youth Sports Policy Agenda through a partnership with IUPUI Sports Innovation Institute
  • Working with new ACSM President appointed Task Force on Youth Fitness developing proposed workplans for the task force’s charter charges