Strategic Plan


2024-27 Strategic Plan


As the world’s largest and most influential sports medicine and exercise science organization, ACSM takes its role seriously. We strive for excellence and continuous improvement because our members, certified professionals, profession and communities depend on us.  

Our new 2024-27 strategic framework is more than just words. Based on the input of thousands of stakeholders, our plan ensures unprecedented alignment across the organization and will guide us toward a strong, successful and influential future. 



Extend and enrich lives through the power of movement. 



Educate and empower professionals to advance the science and practice of health and human performance. 

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ACSM is guided by strong ethical principles, founded in honesty, trust, and evidence-based practices, which are objective, balanced, and responsible. 



ACSM openly shares information, ideas and expectations and creates an environment for open and honest communication. 



ACSM fosters diverse perspectives, encourages participation, shares knowledge and resources, and supports members, staff, and stakeholders to achieve better outcomes and greater impact. 


Accessibility and Equity

ACSM embraces diversity and strives for equal opportunity and access across our community. 

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Goals and Strategies

  • Create a compelling customer experience

  • Deliver an ongoing commitment to technology and infrastructure

  • Perform a governance realignment

  • Build a fiscally sustainable organization

  • Promote excellence in science and evidence-based practice and expand ACSM's reputation as a global scientific leader

Strategic Plan Infographic

2024-2027 ACSM Strategic Plan infographic


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There are many ways we can work together. For 70 years, ACSM has been dedicated to promoting well-being, sport safety, fitness and physical activity through research, education and public health efforts. Be part of the difference we’re making in the profession and around the world as we extend and enrich lives through the power of movement. 

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About ACSM

ACSM’s mission is to educate and empower professionals to advance the science and practice of health and human performance. With more than 50,000 members and certified professionals from in 90 countries, the American College of Sports Medicine® (ACSM) helps people worldwide live longer, healthier lives.  

For the past 70 years, ACSM has supported professionals representing diverse fields in sports medicine, exercise science, nutrition, health and fitness. Through research, advocacy, education, and evidence-based practice, we aim to extend and enrich lives through the power of movement. 

About ACSM's Strategic Vision

ACSM’s 2024-27 Strategic Plan has outlined priorities that will help us better serve our members, advance the professions we represent, and improve the health of people worldwide. The new strategic plan is focused on making an impact and measuring outcomes as we strive for excellence.