Recertification FAQs

ACSM Recertification FAQs

Answers about requirements, continuing education, CECs and more.


Recertification FAQs

  • How do I recertify?

  • What is recertification?

  • What are acceptable for continuing education credits (CECs)?

  • Does ACSM accept CECs earned from other organizations?

  • What if I don't have enough CECs to recertify?

  • After I earn my certification, what are the requirements for recertification?


Continuing Education Credit FAQs

  • Who are Approved Providers for ACSM CECs?

  • Does ACSM track the CECs I've earned

  • How can I track the CECs I have earned?

  • How do I get credit for college courses?

  • How many CECs do I get for teaching and lecturing?

  • How many CECs do I get for authoring or co-authoring books, journal articles, or accepted abstracts?

  • Where can I view back issues of ACSM's Certified News?

  • May I submit my CPR, BLS, or ACLS certification for CECs?

  • Can I earn ACSM CECs by earning another ACSM certification?

  • What should I do with all of my documentation?

  • Do CECs carry over?

  • What is the yearly audit?

  • What does inactive status mean?

  • What's the difference between CECs, CEUs, and CMEs?

  • Can I use a Certificate of Attendance for CECs?

  • What if I have multiple certifications?

  • How do I add CECs to my CEC history? Do I send them in?

  • How do I access a copy of my certification?

  • I am retired and no longer practicing, what are my options?