ACSM Pronouncements & Scientific Communications
Pronouncements and scientific communications

The American College of Sports Medicine publishes five types of official pronouncements reflecting the position or stance of the college on various topics. The pronouncement types each have different protocols for development and all undergo a rigorous review and approval process. ACSM's Pronouncements are published in one of ACSM's official journals, and all are made freely available to the public.

ACSM Position Stands

ACSM Position Stands are developed using a specified evidence-based methodology on significant societal issues that merit interdisciplinary consideration and consensus within the college.

ACSM Pronouncements

ACSM pronouncements include Umbrella Reviews, Expert Consensus Statements, Contemporary Issues and Calls to Action.

Team Physician Consensus Conference Statements

The Team Physician Consensus Conference (TPCC) series addresses select medical issues in the care and treatment of athletes.

ACSM Viewpoint Statement

An ACSM Viewpoints document is developed using expert consensus opinion. ACSM Viewpoints documents are statements addressing “breaking news” or “cutting-edge research” in exercise science and sports medicine.

Read ACSM's Viewpoint on Climate Change and Active Transportation

Organizations wishing to have ACSM consider endorsement of their scientific statement should direct all requests to Laura Young, Ph.D. 

On a case-by-case basis, pronouncement topics proposed by members of the College will also be considered. Contact Laura Young, Ph.D. for more information.