Specialty Conferences and Roundtables

Roundtables & Specialty Conferences

ACSM’s specialty conferences include the World Heart Games and the International Team Physician Course.

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We welcome suggestions for future roundtables and specialty conferences. You can submit a proposal to the ACSM Science Integration and Leadership Committee (SILC). Make sure to include:

  • A suggested title,
  • Short abstract,
  • Educational objectives,
  • Recommended faculty,
  • Target audience,
  • Fundraising prospects and
  • A proposed general (e.g., Q2 2023) date.

After submission, your proposal will be discussed at the next scheduled SILC teleconference. If SILC approves the concept, they will recommend it to the ACSM Administrative Council for approval to proceed. If SILC feels they need more information, ACSM staff will contact you for details.