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Wellness Academy was founded in 2012 as a for-profit corporation for hosting ACSM workshops and certification exams in Korea. The founder is Dr. Kee-Chan Joo, who had been hosting ACSM workshops and certification for several years before establishing Wellness Academy. He also translated exams for Certified Personal Trainer, Cancer Exercise Trainer, and Clinical Exercise Specialist (current CEP) into Korean. Wellness Academy and ACSM renewed their partnership in 2023 to host ACSM education and credentialing more systematically in Korea.

For additional information, visit the Wellness Academy website.

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ACSM-Korea Credentialed
Personal Fitness Trainer

ACSM-Korea Credentialed
Exercise Physiologist

The ACSM-Korea Credentialed Personal Fitness Trainer certificate is designed for fitness professionals who have a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent and intend to work with apparently healthy individuals and those with stable health challenges to enhance fitness in Korea. By the end of the course, credential holders will be knowledgeable in conducting initial client consultations and assessments, developing and implementing exercise programming, and understanding exercise leadership, client education, as well as Korean professional and legal responsibilities.

The ACSM-Korea Credentialed Exercise Physiologist certificate is intended for fitness professionals with a minimum of a bachelor's degree in exercise science, who are qualified to pursue careers in university, corporate, commercial, hospital, and community settings. Exercise Physiologists not only conduct complete physical assessments but also interpret the results to prescribe appropriate and personalized exercise programs for a wide range of clients, including athletes and those with controlled diseases.


ACSM-Korea Credentialed
Clinical Exercise Physiologist

ACSM-Korea Credentialed
Medical Director

The ACSM-Korea Credentialed Clinical Exercise Physiologist certificate is designed for participants who possess a master's degree in clinical exercise science, exercise physiology, or a related field, and have completed 600 hours of clinical experience. It is also open to qualified healthcare professionals. The course focuses on utilizing prescribed exercise, implementing basic health behavior interventions, and promoting physical activity for individuals with chronic diseases or conditions. This includes individuals with cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, orthopedic, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, neoplastic, immunologic, and hematologic diseases. Additionally, the course provides primary and secondary prevention strategies aimed at improving, maintaining, or attenuating declines in fitness and health across various populations, ranging from children to older adults.

The ACSM-Korea Credentialed Medical Director course is designed for medical professionals who aim to promote the implementation of safe and effective exercise programming based on best practices and scientific evidence-based information. Participants must provide proof of a medical degree to participate in the course. The curriculum focuses on five categories of professional domains, which include patient assessment, exercise testing, exercise prescription, exercise training and leadership, as well as legal and professional responsibilities. Successful completion of this course will lead to an understanding of exercise prescription practices for individuals.
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