Diversity, Leadership & Training Awards

Diversity awards

Supported by ACSM and the ACSM Foundation, these diversity, leadership, and training awards demonstrate the organizational commitment to building and recognizing the next generation of leaders in exercise science and sports medicine.

Diversity, Leadership & Training award applicants must be an ACSM member in good standing for all awards with the exception of the Howard G. "Skip" Knuttgen International Scholar Award, which does not require ACSM membership to apply.

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  • Drinkwater Leadership Award in Women's Health, Sport & Physical Activity

  • George A. Brooks, Ph.D., FACSM, Student Scholarship

  • GSSI Diversity in Sports Science Award - Master's

  • GSSI Diversity in Sports Science Award – Ph.D.

  • GSSI-ACSM Young Scholar Professional Development Grant

  • Howard G. "Skip" Knuttgen International Scholar Award

  • Leadership & Diversity Training Program (LDTP)

  • Visiting Scholar Award